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RAC Rules [Revised 5/8/12]

2012-08-05 16:10:39 by NeonProject

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Participants are expected to follow the rules, the RAC team may be more lenient on some rule breaks compared to others, but it is best that you carefully follow all rules when taking part. Judges also have the right to refuse a mark on your work if they believe it breaks the rules of the contest.

1. Your submission can be of any music genre or style, however, any lyrics or samples used in your piece must be referenced. STRICTLY NO VOCAL OR COPYRIGHTED SAMPLES!
2. The work you submit must be your own composition. We may ask for DAW screenshots for your track to prove that it is your own creation, so make sure you have them available.
3. Your track must be between 3:00 minutes and 4:00 minutes. In extreme circumstances we will allow ten seconds over and under, any more than that and we simply cannot accept you.
4. Only one act can apply for each country, if the country of your choice has been taken you can offer to collaborate, but we will need PM's from both accounts to confirm the collaboration.
5. All tracks must be in by the deadline, preferably a few weeks before so that you have more chance of gaining high points in promotion. Participants are advised to regularly check their NG inboxes and emails as we will need replies from applicants on certain matters. The more you reply the more we can help you. If you have a problem with reaching the deadline contact NeonProject in advance or send us an email (not the day before) and we may be lenient. Communication works wonders with events like these and you get a lot more respect from the team if you do so.
6. Submissions must not contain racism, strong language or any other material deemed offensive.
7. All submissions must provide proof of research on that country to back up your piece. This could be a news article about your country, an article about a native musical movement or simply a collection of songs from that country which inspired your work.
8. Submissions must be original compositions created for the contest.


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