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RAC 7 [Participating Countries]

2012-08-05 15:39:52 by NeonProject

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France 'Crépuscule' by Camoshark
Austria - 'Raid Of The Bells' by J-Rex
Czech Republic - 'Toxicy Inc.' by Omegeist
Finland - 'Stuck' by Adilovemetal
Germany - 'Forsaken Munich' by The Criminal
Iceland - 'Subpolar, Sublime' by Buoy
Iran - 'Sasaniyans' by Wurfel-Waffles
Ireland - 'Dreams of Yore' by Samulis
Israel - 'Jose of Arabia' by Nimblekidx
Netherlands - 'Happy Holiday' by ForeverBound
Malaysia - 'RAC 7' by Yoshiii343
Mexico - 'Nocturne' by Silas-Stingy
Portugal 'Empty Lost Souls' by Divofst
Romania 'Nadia's Turning' by Gobblemeister
Russia 'Mammoth Rage' by Z-Raven
Serbia 'Slowbal Warming' by Slobadragovic
Sweden - 'Fjaellpolska' by Descara
United Kingdom - 'An Uair am Feill' by Troisnyxetienne
United States - 'I'm Saving Her Life' by Bosa
Zimbabwe - 'Kilimajaro Rises' by Gobblemeister
Mongolia - 'Urtyn Duu' by JJM121


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2012-08-05 15:57:37

Is the UK (or separate: England/Scotland/Wales) in the list?

NeonProject responds:

This time we don't have lists so you can apply for any country and it has to be approved. If you're wanting the UK I can put you down for that before I open the thread on Monday :) Do you want to fill in a form and put it here?


2012-08-05 16:37:54

Before I do: from when to when is the submission period? I want to be sure that I'm not going to be caught up in too much.

NeonProject responds:

You can submit your entry from Monday and the deadline will be 16th September.


2012-08-06 05:52:42

As for the research, I wanna ask: My inspiration actually comes from being in those places that I'd mention in the piece, and being completely taken in by them. Westminster Cathedral for Westminster Tune ~ Preuve de foi is an example. Must I still research on the musical movement for my submission?

(Updated ) NeonProject responds:

Some from is evidence is only necessary, research could still be good as it's shown you've put work into your entry despite knowing a lot as it is :)

I've saved United Kingdom for you, just post your application in the thread when you're ready.


2012-08-06 08:26:00

I have some questions:
The song has to be about or inspired by that country or can we just defend our country?
Do we have to use the native language in the lyrics or can we use any language?

NeonProject responds:

It's a bit of both really. We tend to like modern styles with little things inspired by the country, it's up to your really but the jury do look out for references or influences from that country and it could be the difference between you getting the higher or lower marks.
Lyrics can be anything you want, as long as they comply with the rules.


2012-08-06 16:37:58

I will defend my country Portugal then, can you save me the spot?

(Updated ) NeonProject responds:

Yep! Can you please post your application in the thread. ic/1314127


2012-08-10 06:27:19

Hey, I've already applied to Germany, so can I use a modern style of Video Game war music, since Germany has a history of war?

NeonProject responds:

Whatever you have in your music is completely up to you! As long as you represent the country and show evidence of what you have researched for your music. :)


2012-08-11 08:43:18

Can i use India?


2012-09-10 04:09:53

By the way you forgot to change the United Kingdom link to the actual piece... o.O