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RAC 7 [How The Contest Works]

2012-08-05 15:31:22 by NeonProject

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How to Take Part
Make sure you read the rules before applying.

Once you have done this fill in the following form and post it in the contest thread.

Name Of Act:
Genre: (Can be Decided Later)
Name of Track: (Can be Decided Later)

Once you have posted this wait to be confirmed by me! (This should take less than 24 hours)

How the Results Work

The scores will be given by each individual country and will consist of the following points:
2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20 and 24 points.
Every act representing a country will select their top 10 entries and this will be worth 50% of their given results, the other 50% will come from the jury as well as the new 'promotion' campaigns that entrants will have to undergo. This means that the acts can't vote tactically and that the juries can't dominate the results, meaning that the results we do get will be an agreement of ng listeners, acts opinions and juries markings.

The Act Vote (50%)

All acts have to vote for their top 10 entries otherwise they will be disqualified from the contest, they will not be able to vote for themselves either. These scores will then be combined with the other results.

Jury Vote (25%)

The Jury will be scoring each entry on Representation & Evidence, Quality and Entertainment. These votes will be combined as a complete Jury vote, then combined with the Promotion results.

Promotion (25%)

The promotion result is to encourage acts to promote their tracks and to help them get as much feedback on their music as possible. This result will combine the plays, votes and download counts of that particular track.
The formula for this result will be:
Plays รท 20 + Downloads x 2 + Score x 10 = Result

During the Results week the results will come in during the entire week. During the week after the separated final scores (Votes and Jury/Promotion) along with the detailed results (Jury scores and Promotion scores) will be published for transparency.

In Case of a Semi-Final

If more than 24 songs are submitted there will be a semi-final. The top 5 countries from the previous contest have automatic qualification meaning that 15 places will be fought for in the semi-final. The semi-finalists will be put into small groups of around 5 at random and a set number for each group will allow qualification. The top scoring songs from each category will be allowed qualification into the final.
The score for the semi final will work the same as the process above, but only with the top 5 voting.


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2012-08-05 15:50:48

Where might I find the rules, please?

NeonProject responds:

I'm just waiting to publish the rules, they're pretty much the same as the rules in the previous contest. Are you interested? /news/post/676003


2012-08-05 15:59:37

I am indeed! :D It'll be my first RAC if I ever take part, but well, I am!

NeonProject responds:

Oooh! Yey! :D The thread will be opened on Monday and that's when the fun will begin :)


2012-08-06 04:52:44

Trois... You DO have a NGADM submission to do right? Pardon me for being nosy but shouldn't you be concentrating on that? (>^_^)>


2012-08-06 05:53:26

I do, BD. And no problem; it'll come in due time.


2012-08-11 16:09:24

Will the vote happen via PM to you or something so that people can't speculate and vote for entries with few votes to give themselves a better shot?