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2012-08-01 17:57:01 by NeonProject

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One of the biggest events for the Newgrounds audio community is about to go into it's 7th event and some major changes in the format will make this edition even more exciting!. The RAC (Represent A Country) Contest is a huge event in which artists can represent a country through their music in a variety of creative ways. Some artists previously in the contest have gone on to become big names in the NG community and it is also a fantastic opportunity for newcomers to meet other artists and make new friends.

As mentioned previously some major changes are happening this time round. The scores will still be following a system of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20 and 24 points, however these will now be awarded by each country taking part as opposed to each category of jury and a combined vote.

Every act representing a country will select their top 10 entries and this will be worth 50% of their given results, the other 50% will come from the jury as well as the new 'promotion' campaigns that entrants will have to undergo. This means that the acts can't vote tactically and that the juries can't dominate the results, meaning that the results we do get will be an agreement of ng listeners, acts opinions and juries markings.

The Act Vote (50%)

All acts have to vote for their top 10 entries otherwise they will be disqualified from the contest, they will not be able to vote for themselves either. These scores will then be combined with the other results.

Jury Vote (25%)

The Jury will be scoring each entry on Representation & Evidence, Quality and Entertainment. These votes will be combined as a complete Jury vote, then combined with the Promotion results.

Promotion (25%)

The promotion result is to encourage acts to promote their tracks and to help them get as much feedback on their music as possible. This result will combine the plays, votes and download counts of that particular track.

The formula for this result will be:

Plays รท 20 + Downloads x 2 + Score x 10 = Result


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