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RAC Final

2009-04-04 17:05:23 by NeonProject

Where? Radiogrounds
When? 4pm (EST) SAT April 11th

Contestant: #01
Act: statueofdiveo
Country: U.S.A
Genre: Drum & Bass
Song Title: America Of States United

Contestant: #02
Act: Phyrnna
Country: China
Genre: Classical
Song Title: Journey To The East

Contestant: #03
Act: Pure-Metal-UTA
Country: Scotland
Genre: Heavy Metal
Song Title: White X in the Sky

Contestant: #04
Act: Darkmaster603
Country: Russia
Genre: Classical
Song Title: Rusian Waltz No.1 In A Minor

Contestant: #05
Act: Kazmo
Country: Germany
Genre: Trance
Song Title: Kse

Contestant: #06
Act: DjTrancite
Country: Switzerland
Genre: Trance
Song Title: Switz Anthem

Contestant: #07
Act: wtflolnoob
Country: India
Genre: New Wave
Song Title: Ghandi On The Tabla

Contestant: #08
Act: zomgkerrie
Country: Italy
Genre: Techno
Song Title: Passione Italiana

Contestant: #09
Act: EirĂșn
Country: Hungary
Genre: TBA
Song Title: Mortamin

Contestant: #10
Act: PenguinSam
Country: Israel
Genre: Classical
Song Title: Yism'chu

Contestant: #11
Act: Sownshadow Fox
Country: Wales
Genre: Trance/ Alternative
Song Title: Desert Winds

Contestant: #12
Act: popraz
Country: Romania
Genre: Classical
Song Title: Dark World Adagio

Contestant: #13
Act: Gasmasq
Country: Portugal
Genre: Hip Hop
Song Title: Represent

Contestant: #14
Act: Johnny Frizz
Country: Saudi Arabia
Genre: Techno
Song Ttitle: The Masters Gate


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2009-04-09 14:32:08

Carf reports that his job as been done.
Good luck everyone :)

NeonProject responds:

The Jury votes have also been counted and verified!


2009-04-11 16:33:20

When do we get the results? I am DYING to know!!!